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Site Plan Review Process


Concept Plan
(optional step)


First Planning
Board Meeting
3 Weeks after

  • Submit 3 weeks prior
    to anticipated Planning
    Board Meeting
  • Site Concept Plan
  • Topography
  • Site conditions, i.e.
  • Show utility concepts
  • Storm drainage concepts
  • Buffering, landscaping,
    lighting concepts
  • Building rendering or elevation concepts



Final Site Plan
2nd and 3rd Planning
Board meeting and
possible vote to
approve 4-8 weeks
after submission

  • Submit 3 weeks prior
    to anticipated Planning Board Meeting
  • Existing site statistics and information
  • Business information and operations
  • Building architectural
  • Landscape plans
  • Lighting plans
  • Signage plan
  • Parking layout
  • Roadways
  • Any subdivision anticipated
  • Traffic projection (the PDD does allow for trip verification updates if the Board requests them)
  • Pedestrian linkages
  • Water service
  • Wastewater disposal
  • Utilities/easements
  • Fire protection access and hook up locations
  • Stormwater management design
  • SWPPP Draft N.O.1.
  • SEQRA (short form for verification purposes only)
  • Building postal number
  • Proof of common land agreement
  • Green space/open space calculations
Final Signatures
and Filing
of Plans

+/- within 6 months of approval, and prior construction

Building Permit
Issuance of a Building
Permit 4 weeks from
filing plans and complete submission (subject to Building Department approval)

  • Must have SWPPP in place
Timeline +/- 120 days from beginning the process to start site construction assuming no
variances, unforeseen conditions, such as but not limlitrd to PDD modification
and a complete application

LFTCEDC believes the information set forth herein is accurate, however, LFTCEDC, its officers, agents and employees make no representations or warranties and shall incur no liability under any law, statute, rule or regulation as to the accuracy, reliability or completeness of the information provided hereunder and assume no responsibility for errors and omissions contained herein. Each developer should conduct its own investigations and analysis to check the accuracy of the information contained herein and should obtain independent advice from appropriate sources, including the applicable

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