Bob Burdick
Business Development Director, Capitol Strategies Group

Bob Burdick has more than 15 years of experience working with the New York legislature and in the technology sector. His background provides clients with significant insight into the state government and how to effectively build a business in New York.

Bob began his career at the NYS Senate where for 12 years he was an analyst for the NYS Senate Finance Committee. In 1996, he joined the Capitol Strategies Group where he leveraged his experience at Senate Finance and built a core knowledge in technology and business development. Bob has also worked for a Regional Computer Networking company as NYS Government Business Development Manager.

Today, Bob is a partner at the Capitol Strategies Group. As a partner, he is responsible for working with clients, including Fortune 500 companies and many local information technology companies, to help each client navigate the New York State government and grow their business.


Bob Burdick